UUUGH their friendship kills me, kills me with all those feelings TvT
pls keep killing me

Anonymous : which boy from Free do you think would have to take the cum by the rest of the boys? if they would be all have sex at the same time?

Nice question D:
If we think about their looks, it would be probably Nitori or Nagisa. But Nagisa would be seme with Nitori, I’m sure. And I can imagine Nagisa topping Momotarou or even Rei, but Nitori… I can’t imagine him being seme with anyone HAHAHAHAHA

So I think my answer is Nitori …

Anonymous : Hello! How are you? I am sorry if this question was already answered. What's your favorite Kuroko no Basuke's character?

Now that you asked… I think I don’t know D: 
But it’s probaly




Gou is such a lucky girl :v

This is really embarassing……… Well, you see.. I was practicing some sex scenes and who would be the best models for this? Of course, our beloved boys from Free!! <3

Anonymous : Why are you so amazing? Also could you recommend some animes for me? I NEED MORE OF THEM. Any genre really. I WILL WATCH ANYTHING except hentai :D.


Well, let me see… I’m going with some new animes and some kind of old animes that I really like!

- Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (on going) - This anime is so funny!!!!!!! I really like it!

Zankyou no Terror (on going) - It’s very interesting AND the animation is so gorgeous.

Haikyuu! (on going) - Of course I would suggest Haikyuu! <3 It’s an anime about a lot of dorks that like to play volleyball :D HAHAHA

Hunter x Hunter Remake (on going) - This anime is long (+100 episodes), but I recommend it. Really. You’ll be amazed by the friendship this anime shows us. 

Isshuukan Friends This anime is very cute! It’ll probably make you cry at some point. The story is beautiful!

No Game No Life - If you like games and a lot of strategy, you’ll like this anime. It’s so exciting that I felt like crying during their matches AAAH

Hyouka It’s about mistery. At first I didn’t like it that much, but it gets really interesting after 2~3 episodes! (plus, it’s from Kyoto Animation, so the animation is SO GORGEOUS AAAAAAAH)

- Evangelion - It’s a classic one, tho. Maybe you’ve already seen it. But it’s better if you watch the movies too (The End of Evangelion for example), not only the anime! If you haven’t seen it… TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEELINGS. Because this anime is complex and kind of depressing hahaha

Those are my suggestions for now! I tried to choose animes really different from each other to make it more diversified~ Hope you like it!

Anonymous : What do you mean by when you put Shingeki no [ ] ? I'm new to tumblr and I really enjoy your blog :3c

Hm? What do you mean with “[ ]”? Well, the name is “Shingeki no Kyojin”. It’s an anime! A very good one, actually! 

Anonymous : I love you.


Anonymous : I love ur work! Iwas pretty surprised and happy to find that u were japanese. Im japanese too, and is very hard to find other jap people. Anyway, my question is, can u speak/read/write japanese? Thanks! 応援しています!


I forgot a lot of things :I 
I stopped with japanese classes because of university and stuff T-T

Anonymous : Hi, can you do more arts of Hoo? I love your blog!

I’ll probably draw more HoO when I read BoO hehehe 
I’m so excited!