What am I doing HAHAHAHHAHA 
Look, I even made a gif :D 

It was my first time doing this kind of gif, so I’m sorry for the bad quality

Kid Ryuu and his gang `v´
(Ryuu is my OC)

The cat is sakiyamam's OC animal version \o/

I think I draw better with my eyes closed `v´

Wow, Shun can get even more delicate with my artstyle HAHAHAHA

Aah, drawing them is so nostalgic. Thanks, anon xD

Anonymous : Do you like Tokyo Ghoul?

Yees! I was expecting more from the anime, but it’s still okay :v
I love the opening song, tho.

Anonymous : This is gonna sound really stupid, but I'm a totally lost when it comes to anime. Where do people watch it? Because I don't think it comes on television. I kinda wanna watch Free! but I dont know where to find it. Sorry for the dumb question. I just figured you would know since you watch it.

We watch it on the internet. It can be online or we can download it. There are some sites for this, but… Since I’m brazilian, I know brazilian sites haha

I did some quickly researchs and I think this site should work well > kissanime.com/Anime/Free (Here you can watch online or download it)
And I also found this site > soul-anime.net/anime1/free

[EDIT] Well, some people recommended sites for you, anon! Here a list:

- GoGoAnime
- AnimeWaffles
- Crunchyroll
- AnimeFushigi
- AnimeTake
- WatchCartoonOnline

And if you want to watch ONLY Free!, here’s a good place: freetheswimmers.blogspot.com

I hope you like it!

UUUGH their friendship kills me, kills me with all those feelings TvT
pls keep killing me

Anonymous : which boy from Free do you think would have to take the cum by the rest of the boys? if they would be all have sex at the same time?

Nice question D:
If we think about their looks, it would be probably Nitori or Nagisa. But Nagisa would be seme with Nitori, I’m sure. And I can imagine Nagisa topping Momotarou or even Rei, but Nitori… I can’t imagine him being seme with anyone HAHAHAHAHA

So I think my answer is Nitori …

but for some reason I like to think about Rin as the ultimate uke

Anonymous : Hello! How are you? I am sorry if this question was already answered. What's your favorite Kuroko no Basuke's character?

Now that you asked… I think I don’t know D: 
But it’s probaly