Anonymous : I inboxed you about commissions shortly after you opened and you answered a friend of mine who asked after me but never got back to me. :( Are you just going out of order when it comes to sending out reply emails?

Is that so? :o
I checked all the emails I’ve got on my inbox and I’ve already sent them a message. Maybe your message didn’t reach me or something (? 
Send me your email again! (please let me know it’s you, anon)

Anonymous : holy crap you are totally underselling yourself with those prices. :( I'm really excited to see you open commissions, but your work is worth so much more than that! ;w;

Well, I know those prices are low, but I wanted to go with that first. So this is the chance for people to order. Think about it as a “Summer Vacation Special” hahaha Because I’ll increase the prices when my classes begin.

Heelloooo~ Welcome to Poopyuu’s commissions! My goal is earning money to buy Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and pay my stuff (I’m kinda broke, you know). So, here my conditions:

[EDIT] But first let me say something: Those prices are only for this week. It’ll increase next week. (I should have said this earlier, sorry xD)

✦ About your order

- Remember that I draw in manga/anime style, so it might not fit with everything
- I won’t draw complex backgrounds (because I’m not that confident with it) so it won’t change your final price if I add a simple background
- The final price might change depending on your demands. If your character has a complex weapon, for example, the price might get a little higher. Or if you want two characters and one of them is really small, the price might get lower.
- I won’t post my commissions unless you give me permission

✦ Send me your email through my inbox and just wait for my message! I’ll ask some basic things about your order. After this, we can talk about the details~

✦ Payment is only by Paypal. I’ll tell you more details through your email.

✦ I’ll send you the payment when I finish your order. So you’ll get your commission right after you pay for it. 

Thank you for your attention! 


Guys, I’m thinking of opening commissions! Since this is my last week of summer vacation, I want to try it at least once. I’ll post the details later~

Anonymous : Have you seen the anime RWBY? You can watch it on youtube. It's by Roosterteeth. I suggest it because there are a lot of gay ships in it. :3

Yees, actually I was watching the first season but I didn’t watch everything because I got busy :/ 

Their clothes on Princess Day episode are so pretty *v*

It was supposed to be a warm up drawing but it took more time than I wanted haha

I learned how to use Emofuri!!!!!!! Nico is pretty easy to draw so I chose him as my training model~ But It took me many hours because I kept making some small mistakes. I’ll try to improve, this is so funny!

Anonymous : I really love adventure time in your art style! It just fits sooo good and I'd love to see more of it :) I love your art, you're one of my biggest inspirations


Thank you hihihi I’m in the mood to draw adventure time
But I got stuff to do this weekend T-T