Some Kanda X Allen from last year… I don’t know why I didn’t post this before D:

Anonymous : kingdom hearts is so intense and all of the feelings it gives me make me feel bad. which of the games have you finished? my favorite was final mix and 358/2 days! sorry if my english is bad, hope you can understand!


YES T-T Which final mix? (there’s more than one, you know)
Anyway, I’ve finished KH1 final mix, KH2, Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance! I’ve played Chain of Memories, Re:chain of memories and 358/2 Days too but I couldn’t finish them (for some reasons haha), but I watched all the cutscenes :> My favorite is KH2 and Dream Drop Distance <3

Kingdom hearts and Frozen crossover doodles ~
Am I the only one who likes this crossover? T-T

Anonymous : Can u do a redrawing ? Thx

I actually want to redraw some of my old artworks :D
I’ll do it soon~

Kid Sora <3

I even made a speed painting video of it~

Commissions CLOSED (for a while)

I said my low prices would last till the end of this week, but I need to close commissions for now! I was supposed to open it again tomorrow with new prices, but I have lots of some orders to finish and I’ll need some time T-T

Once I finish the artworks I have to finish, commissions will open again!

For the people I’ve already sent a message, don’t worry, prices won’t change for your orders (but if you want new orders, well… that’s different hahahaha). 

Also, with all commissions I’ve got I’ll be able to buy KH 2.5! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS T-T I WASN’T EXPECTING IT WOULD BE THIS FAST THANK YOU